Due to unprecedented rainfall, the District is now releasing 280 cubic feet a second from the Santa Felicia Dam, which has triggered our whitewater boating access notification as required under our Federal Energy Regulatory Commission License for the facility. Whitewater access will be available by reservation only on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice. Potential boaters should be aware that the District has no control of conditions downstream and extreme caution should be exercised. The conditions on lower Piru Creek are believed to be poor due to excessive vegetation that established during the prolonged drought in preceding years. To make a reservation please call at (805) 525-4431 at least 24 hours prior to your requested put-in date

Personal watercraft (PWCs) will be limited to no more than 20 units on the reservoir at any given time. No vessels will be permitted past the 5 mph buoy line at the Reservoir’s South End near Santa Felicia Dam. This area will remain closed until further notice.

Enjoy the majestic beauty of Lake Piru by heading out on the water!

Jet skis and motorized boats up to 26 feet in length are allowed at Lake Piru for activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or simply enjoying time on the water. Three boat ramps are available to launch your watercraft and we have docks with 66 boat slips.

Personal Watercraft Rules & Regulations


Quagga mussels are a problem at lakes across California, including Lake Piru Reservoir. The invasive species are extremely destructive, clogging pipes used for drinking water, irrigation and hydropower, and necessitating extensive containment efforts. They also block boat motors and harm native fish by altering the habitat and the food web. After quagga mussels were discovered in Lake Piru in 2013, United Water Conservation District (UWCD) developed a Monitoring and Control Plan to contain the infestation. As part of that plan, a strict inspection policy is in effect for all watercraft entering and leaving Lake Piru.

Personnel from United Water Conservation District, which owns the lake, inspect all boats entering and exiting Lake Piru to limit the spread of quagga mussels. Failure to undergo an inspection prior to launch may result in a citation. Boaters should download and print the Lake Piru Vessel Inspection Permit Application.

Until further notice, Lake Piru has suspended its joint Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) tagging program with Castaic and Pyramid Lakes and will not be tagging any vessels leaving Lake Piru. We do not anticipate that it will impact our ability to provide recreation services to the visiting public. For more information, contact Lake Piru Rangers office at 805 521-1201 or United Water Conservation District at 805 525 4431.

Boats that spend just a few hours in the water are still at risk for picking up and transporting mussels that may be attached to aquatic weeds. Follow this Basic Inspection and Cleaning Check List for All Boats to minimize the spread.


Firewood bundle, $8
RV & Bus (day use), $32
Motorcycle (day use), $8
Daily Vessel Permit (w/ motor), $8

Daily Vessel Permit (no motor), $5
Daily Personal Watercraft Permit, $8
Vehicle Day Pass, $14

Lake Piru Recreation Area has teamed up with Tommy’s to provide boat rentals, along with wakeboards, surfboards, skis, and tubes, for use on the beautiful blue waters of Lake Piru.

Rental options include an Axis speedboat and a Starcraft pontoon. Tommy’s purchases new boats each season so the fleet is clean, safe and equipped with the latest technology! All boats are outfitted with safety gear, including anchor, first aid kit, paddles and type II life vests, and propeller damage insurance is available. It’s all part of Tommy’s commitment to a positive customer experience!

You must be at least 21 and have prior boating experience to rent from Tommy’s. For additional information, check out the FAQs below.

Reserve your boat and accessories today by visiting–rental-locations or email


What are the rental fees for 2024?2024-04-18T12:46:39-07:00

Rental Gear: Tubes, skies, wakeboards, surf boards, etc: $45/day

Tri- Toons: 2024 21′ Tahoe LTZ

  • 140 HP Seats 10
  • Half day: $525
  • Daily: $700
  • 3 Days or more: $500/DAY

Surf/Wake Boats: 2024 Axis Wake Research

  • Malibu Monsoon Motor – Seats 15
  • Half Day: $675
  • Daily: $900
  • 3 Days or more: $700/Day

Rates include slip (Lake Piru). Listed rates do not include tax
or fuel used. Listed rates do not include mandatory damage protection: $60/day

Monday to Thursday: $200/day discount, excluding July 1-8th

July 1-8th: add $150/day, listed rates expire 12/31/2024

What are the operating hours this season?2024-04-18T10:28:03-07:00

April 6 – May 17

  • Monday to Thursday: By appointment only
  • Friday to Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

May 18 – September 2

  • Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

September 3 – November 1

  • Monday to Thursday: By appointment only
  • Friday to Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Where can I find Tommy’s rental pricing?2022-02-25T22:02:03-08:00

We enjoy talking to our customers! Depending on where you are looking to rent, visit our site at to contact the local dealership and ask to speak with one of our Rental Representatives! Or, email us at

What if I have the rental for more than one day and it rains?2022-02-25T20:58:31-08:00

There are no rain/weather refunds for rentals of 2+ consecutive days.

What happens if it rains on my rental day?2022-02-25T20:58:31-08:00

In the case it rains on the date of your rental and is not expected to change, we would be happy to find a new rental day for you or offer a full refund. We do not offer refund for temperature or wind.

Do you offer insurance?2022-02-25T20:58:32-08:00

At this time, Tommy’s offers propeller damage coverage. One of the most common damage occurrences we see is damage to the propeller. Our daily or multi-day coverage provides peace of mind boating.

Do I have to pay for gas?2022-02-25T20:58:32-08:00

The boat will come full of fuel. We do charge for whatever fuel is used at the end of the rental period. The rental customer can fill the boat themselves at the end of the period, or Tommy’s can do so.

Does the boat come with any wakeboards/surfboards/skis/tubes?2022-02-25T20:58:32-08:00

Additional rental gear is available to rent for a small fee per day.

Does the boat come with anything?2022-02-25T20:58:32-08:00

Yes! The boat is equipped with safety gear (anchor, first aid, paddles, type II vests, etc.). Tommy’s will fit any watersports enthusiasts and those who wish to have a vest with comfortable Type III vests upon arrival.

Is my deposit refundable?2022-02-25T21:01:56-08:00

Yes! Up to two weeks before your first rental day, the 50% deposit is fully refundable.

How do I reserve a rental boat?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Feel free to call/text/email us any time. To reserve a boat, we do ask for contact information (address, email, phone number) and a credit card number for a 50% deposit.

What are the qualifications for renting a boat?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Prior boating experience is required for all the use of all Tommy’s rental boats. Direct drive or V-drive experience is required for Axis rentals. We will go over the boat in depth, but expect renters to be very competent when it comes to boating for the safety of everyone onboard and on the lake.

How old do I need to bet to rent a boat from Tommy’s?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Anyone 21 or older can rent a boat with Tommy’s!

Can I rent the boat at a different lake, and do you deliver?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Most of our rental locations offer delivery and pickup options to a variety of lakes in their regions. To find out more about where you can use our rental fleet, contact a Rental Representative at the shop nearest to your destination!

What sets you apart from other boat rental companies?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Tommy’s puts our customers first. We strive to make every rental experience perfect and unforgettable.

Tommy’s purchases brand new boats each new model year to keep up with the quickly changing technology, and provide our customers with the most high-end, luxury boats we can.

What Tommy’s locations offer boat rentals?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

In 2022, Tommy’s offers boat rentals in 13 locations across the country, including:

▪ Walloon Lake, MI

▪ Lake Charlevoix, MI

▪ Grand Rapids, MI

▪ Muskegon Lake, MI

▪ White Lake, MI

▪ Detroit, MI

▪ Denver, CO

▪ Orlando, FL

▪ Lake Piru, CA

▪ Las Vegas, NV

▪ Phoenix, NV

▪ Knoxville, TN

▪ Chattanooga, TN

When did Tommy’s begin renting boats?2022-02-25T20:58:51-08:00

Tommy’s of Walloon in Northern Michigan was our first location to onboard our rental department. This location began renting in 2013 all of our other locations following suit in the years following.


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